• Saxon Algebra 2 (Quarter 1 available now)
  • Saxon Advanced Math (Quarter 1 available now)
  • Apologia Physics 
  • ASL 1 (available now)

  • Enrollment in some Virtual Homeschool Group AYOP Courses is currently closed as we do some very important updates to the courses.  (A few are now enrolling, and we will add more to the enrolling list as updates are finished.)  No new enrollments will be done in the classes we are still updating until they are finished.  (Consider joining the Volunteer Build Team to find out how you can help with tasks behind the scenes.  More volunteers allow us to complete necessary tasks faster.  Information to join the Volunteer Build Team is in the Parent Pre-Enrollment Course.)  Individual courses will be released as they are finished.  We will be working on them throughout the summer.  Please complete the Parent Course now so you are ready to enroll as soon as they are complete.





        • Later quarters of Saxon Algebra 2 and Saxon Advanced Math will be released later this year.


    If you are currently enrolled in a math class from 2022-23 and need to get enrolled in a later quarter to continue working, please contact support@virtualhomeschoolgroup.org AFTER completing the 2023-24 Parent Pre-Enrollment Course.  We can manually enroll your student in the old version until we can get the new updated course made.  No extensions will be made until the Parent Course is done.  You will only be extended into one quarter of math at a time in the class you are currently in AFTER completing the previous quarter completely.  (These are important updates, and we need kids in the new versions as soon as they become available.)  Science classes will be available by fall or before.  Early quarters of math are now available for all levels and later quarters will be worked on as soon as we can.


    Currently enrolled students:  

    Please access your classes through your Account Dashboard.